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"I like the fact that Hill Billy Services makes us look good." When I explain to the customer that I am sending the most reliable and dependable company it makes me feel good. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. The service is always completed in a timely manner. They take into account all of our special needs. We have specific ways we like to do things. Also I appreciate the quick response. We are very pleased with Hill Billy Services and we look forward to many more years of working together.

A. Bednash, CRS, Newark, DE    09/18/08

Email Forward from our customer at CRS


Tower is in place. We would like for you to share our thanks to 
your transport company, the driver was very professional and extremely

proficient. We had placed no parking signs on the street, however they 
were ignored. Your driver managed skillfully in spite of the 
obstructions of cars on the street.

Thanks again. 
Skanska USA Building/Superintendents   04/23/2013


Just wanted to relay a thanks to you. Spoke w/Jeff on Thursday - you delivered a chiller to him at Univ of Pitts which they unloaded on Saturday, June 15 th and he praise your trucking company and the driver.

It is not the first "job well done" that I have heard about your company. There have been many this summer especially when the timing needs to be correct or it is a tough spot. Great name - Hill Billy Trucking - noone forgets it.

Thanks again - hard work is much appreciated.

Kathy Mulholland, Northeast Rental Manager, Johnson Controls    08/26/2013